Ceridian Self Service Login – A Great Tool for Businesses

Businesses these days can depend on Ceridian Self Service Login for all their financial accounts. Way back in the 1980s, Ceridian made a landmark breakthrough in the payroll processing service with the introduction of the computerized method of payroll processing. Through these years, the Ceridian Corporation worked continuously to enhance the login process to be more easily accessible. They pioneered the financial support service for payroll processing. They now offer a wide range of financial and administrative solutions to companies of various sizes.

There are several ways by which the Ceridian self service login can be used. Out of which we have the electronic payroll processing option. It is an effective and efficient means of processing payroll. Days of paper checks are over with the advent of Ceridian self service login. Writing and signing paper works are no easy work when you not doing just one or two. It consumes time which is an important tool to growing any business. More so, the use of paper checks is extremely risky. It poses a great threat to the company’s financial stability and reputation if stolen.

Ceridian Self Service Login

Ceridian Self Service Login Page

All benefits offered by the use of the Ceridian services are accessed through the Ceridian self service login. Benefits such as the 401k retirement plans, payroll and other benefits offered by Ceridian benefits service are accessed through the login. By following the prompts carefully, you can access all your benefits with simple clicks to navigate. The SSO (Single Sign-On) allows you to access and alter all your online benefits with just a single login.

The Ceridian self service login process for a first time user is very easy. For first time login, go to https://sourceselfservice2.ceridian.com/SiteName, you will need to enter a Ceridian Benefits Services Account ID or a Social Security Number and click “continue” on the bottom of the homepage. It goes to the next screen if you have entered a confirmed ID or SSN. On the new page, you will fill in your first and last names as they appear on the correspondence you received from Ceridian Benefits Services. You will have to enter your street address, city, state and Zip code. For a non-US address, you must check the box indicating that and enter some other necessary information to proceed. A prompt will tell you to enter and confirm email address after you must have clicked the “continue” button. Afterwards, you will be able to create a new user ID and password which is case sensitive must be a minimum of 7 characters and at least one number and letter. Select from the security questions available and provide your secret answer to them. Complete your registration by clicking on the “Register” button.

For returning users, it is an easier and faster login process. All you need do is to enter your User ID which is a minimum of 6 Characters containing one letter and click “log in”. Enter your password and click on “log in”. Provide answers to the security questions and click “save”. You can now add or change: dependent information, emergency contacts, address, marital status, benefit information and direct deposit information. You can also view you employees’ details and pay checks.

You never have to bother about the security of your login details and your information within. Ceridian self service login uses the SSL (Secured Socket Logins). It is the “https” type of internet connection. It acts to protect transmission of your details over the internet. Internet explorer (6.0 or higher versions) with all security patches and 128 bit encryption is recommended for any login to the Ceridian sites. The sites are not heavy therefore they load faster. They are also not complicated as all commands are spelt out in simple English or any other languages you preset. Ceridian Self Service Login can be said to be the secured gateway to all Ceridian Benefits.